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Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatments: The most common treatment modalities in cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Less frequently, hormone therapies, biological treatment methods and targeted therapies are used. These treatment methods are applied alone or together.

Euromedicare works with the modern oncology centers that is equipped with specific oncological diagnostic and treatment technologies and offers the necessary treatments on medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and molecular oncology.

Cancer treatment is a treatment group that obligates many expertise branches to work together. The best treatment option is determined by evaluating the appropriate treatment options with the fields of expertise like Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Oncology. Different surgical branches, radiation oncology, and medical oncology specialists work together. In addition to the significance of the department of pathology during diagnosis, the departments of radiology and nuclear medicine are of great importance in order to strengthen the diagnosis and monitoring the treatment results.
In the cancer diagnosis and treatment, Euromedicare provides the fastest and most reliable treatment by cooperating with the hospitals where experienced specialists work that use advanced medical technologies.

Modern imaging possibilities enable the initial diagnosis and staging of cancer, determination of its prevalence, assessment of response to the treatment, determination of the intensity of live cancer cells which will be exposed to the treatment and the most accurate treatment planning for the patient. These services are carried out in our specialized centers serving international standards.

Our aim is to keep the comfort of all cancer patients at a high level.
Gamma Knife Treatment: Gamma knife is an extraordinary treatment system that eliminates the diseased brain tissue with gamma rays without any need for any cuts. Both benign brain tumors and malignant brain tumors can be treated with a Gamma knife. In addition to the brain tumor, Gamma knife is also used in vascular brain diseases and functional brain diseases (trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinsonism, epilepsy). Gamma knife treatment which cures the tumors without disturbing the body’s natural balance is defined as the point shot in cancer treatment. This method, which does not require a surgical operation, is an alternative to surgery and radiotherapy on many good and malignant tumors and different diseases. During treatment, radiation beams are directed to the target to destroy or stop the development of a tumor or diseased area.

CyberKnife System: An ultramodern technology for the treatment of cancer and non-cancerous tumors and other diseases requiring radiation therapy. This method is used in many parts of the body like prostate, lung, brain, spinal cord, spine, head and neck, liver, pancreas, kidney cancers and different gynecological cancer treatments as a safer alternative to classical cancer treatment or in difficult cases where surgery is not possible with classical surgical approaches. What makes the CyberKnife System unique is the completely robotic controlled radiation system in it. The robotic system design is equipped with real-time imaging and allows for a maximum dose of radiation to the targeted tumor focus with a smaller sensitivity than the millimeter, even when the CyberKnife system is applied from different angles.

The CyberKnife – one of the most advanced forms of radiosurgery-is a painless, non-invasive treatment that delivers high doses of precisely targeted radiation to destroy tumors or lesions within the body. It uses a robotic arm to deliver highly focused beams of radiation. The flexibility of the robotic arm makes it possible to treat areas of the body, such as the spine and spinal cord, that can’t be treated by other radio-surgery techniques.

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