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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that aesthetically repairs the necessary parts of the body and deals with all kinds of surgical problems on the whole body surface. In addition to surgical problems, it is a branch that can be used by people who are not satisfied enough from any part of the face or the body.

• Facial Aesthetics: includes the operations that are applied to ensure the harmony of the structures like face, eyebrow, eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw, as well as the operations performed to ensure the quality, tension, luster and spotlessness of the facial skin. Body Aesthetics: includes the operations that are applied to remove deformations in certain parts of the body or to make the body more aesthetic.

• Breast Aesthetics: breast enlargement and reduction operations aiming at direct body beauty.

Medical Aesthetics

It is everyone’s right to change, have a more beautiful face or body. Medical aesthetic treatment approaches are suitable alternatives for those who do not require surgical intervention or do not want to take risks of surgical interventions.

• Non-Surgical Facial Lifting: Non-surgical attempts to tighten and to gain the elasticity to the skin by increasing the production of collagen and stimulating the skin’s own repair potential with different applications to the skin’s lower layers.
• Botox and Filling Treatment: It is a treatment for reducing or eliminating the wrinkles by reducing the tension of the muscles that cause the wrinkles with the Botox injection. The filling is the softening of light/medium degreed wrinkles and deepened anatomical lines on the face, and is the recovery of the young appearance and the volume lost on the face. It is highly effective and its effect is immediately apparent.
• Lip Filling: It is an impelling application for the rapid elimination of the volume losses and lines on the lips.
• Antiaging Treatments: These are the treatment approaches to minimize the wear caused by aging and, are the best on its age by person-specific programs.
• Stain Treatments: These are the treatment approaches for the removal of the stains formed on the skin due to various reasons including the sun. The number of treatment sessions and the implementation method vary according to the depth of the stain.
• Acne and acne scar treatments: These are the treatment approaches for removing the scars remained from the past which has a negative effect on the aesthetic appearance. These scars are removed with the different non-surgical initiatives like laser and mesotherapy applications.
• Skin Wrinkle Treatments: It is the treatment for the removal of the wrinkles and the skin wear. There are different treatment approaches that are specific to the individual. As it can be done by injecting the pure oxygen into the middle layer of the skin using oxygen pressure without using a needle, it can also be done by the application of ozone gas into the skin as microinjections.
• The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a portion of the patient’s own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems. Capillary vessels and Varicose Treatments: Unwanted appearances can quickly be eliminated with the use of laser or other attempts.
• Mesotherapy Treatments: It is the process of delivering the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and drugs needed by the skin to the middle skin layer. Mesotherapy can be used for preventing the cellulite, regional lubrication, body contouring, weight loss, volume gain, custody bags, skin cracks, scarring treatments, and hair loss prevention.
• Tattoo Removal: The laser is used for tattoo erasing. Tattoo pigments are decomposed by the effect of sound and light originated from the absorption of the laser by pigments. The body’s defense system easily swallows and destroys the small disintegrated tattoo pigments. Treatment lasts 5-10 sessions on average.
• Slimming: Weight loss prevents many health problems, makes the person feel aesthetically good, gives vitality and aliveness, increases self-confidence and makes it easier to move. Losing weight is something that can be achieved by anyone who decides to lose weight. However, it is imperative to get the expert support to find the right weight loss method, to determine the areas and methods for regional weight loss and to get rid of weight in a healthy way.
• Regional Slimming: Even if a person is at his or her ideal weight, he or she may need support for regional thinning, regional slimming and tightening treatments. It is possible to recover and tighten the body with the remove of regional weights observed around the belly in males and around the waist and hips in females using the correct planned treatments.
• Cellulite Treatment: Cellulite; is a problem that can be seen in all weak or overweight individuals without weight criteria. It occurs as a result of sedentary lifestyle and irregular nutrition. The treatment can be done with different methods and devices. It is very important to determine the treatment method that will provide a long-term effect and is appropriate to your body structure. In order to determine the most appropriate treatment method for you, you can consult our experts.

Body Shaping: Body shaping is the correction of the shape that causes unhappiness in a person’s body perception. The body is shaped as a whole in body shaping operations. In other words, the breast, abdomen, belly, butt, waist, or arms and legs are evaluated as a whole, and Operations are made on the asymmetries and irregularities of these parts. Shaping is done according to body integrity harmony.

Epilation Treatment
• Laser Epilation: it is a process to damage the hair cells by delivering the laser beams to the hair follicles and to provide the prevention of new hair production. This process is a serious treatment applied by experts using professional types of equipment.

Euromedicare offers solutions to all your aesthetic needs with the expert doctors and estheticians in the centers where the most advanced technologies are used.

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