City Tours


While being treated, you can see the historical and natural beauties and visit historical sites and enjoy entertaining entertainments. Your stay will be planned in hotels close to the centers where your treatment will take place. For touristic excursions and entertainment you would like to participate in, you will be informed in advance about [...]

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Airport Transfer & Flight Tickets


Airport Transfer and Flight Tickets From the moment you decide to be treated, our team will plan your trip with Turkish Airlines (THY), flying to more than 121 countries in the world and other airlines that match your budget. Submit Your Request

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Visa and Passport Services


Visa and Passport Services Visa applications to be made for tourist or commercial purposes can be carried out via the Electronic Visa Application System ( It is possible to take an e-Visa in a practical way within 3 minutes from every point with internet connection. The e-visa system currently has Turkish, English, French, [...]

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Interpreting Services


Interpreting Services EuroMedicare will be providing the interpretation service during your the treatment process in Turkey. An interpreter will be provided to you during your arrival at the airport, during transfer to the hotel, and during treatment at the hospital and after your discharge from the hospital until your departure to the airport. [...]

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Accommodation Service


Accommodation From the moment you decide to be treated in Turkey, the city tours or entertainments you wish to participate are planned prior to or after your treatment. The alternative hotel options where you will be staying will be offered with very advantageous prices to you. After your approval, your transport from the [...]

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How Do We Serve You?


How Do We Serve You? Your previously performed test and laboratory results are evaluated by EuroMedicare doctors. Together with you, the most appropriate hospital or health center is determined according to your expectations and budget. EuroMedicare organizes your appointment with the doctors. Transportation to the hospital is provided by EuroMedicare. In the process [...]

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Free Health Consulting


Free health consultation (pre-evaluation of patients) is done by EuroMedicare doctors and information about their disease and treatment plans is given.Our patients/clients can reach the EuroMedicare doctors 24/7. Patients are informed about the hospitals where they can be treated, the doctors who will perform the treatment, the medical technologies to be used in their therapy [...]

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