Beard to Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation using beard grafts is usually done when the patient's scalp donor supply is insufficient and the bald spots are too large to be covered. Beard grafts are an effective alternative donor source for hair transplantation because they stay in the growth (anagen) phase for a long time after being removed from the [...]

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How does a hair transplant work?


Simply put, a hair transplant is a procedure that takes your existing hair and transplants it to a place where you don't have any. It's usually taken from the back of your head, but other parts of your body can also be used.Your surgeon sterilizes the region where the hair will be removed and numbs [...]

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How much do hair transplants cost?


Hair transplants cost will vary from $2,000 to $15,000 per session. The final costs can depend on the following: -The extent of the transplantation process -Availability of surgeons to undergo the surgical procedure chosen in your area Since hair transplantation is a surgical operation, health insurance is not going to cover for the procedure. [...]

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Do hair transplants work?


Hair transplantation is normally more effective than over-the-counter hair regeneration drugs. There are, however, certain aspects to take into account. From about 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair Trusted Source will completely grow back in an average 3 to 4 months. Like normal hair, the transplanted hair will become thin over time. People [...]

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