Why EuroMedicare?

The reasons for our existence are; to serve the human happiness by internationally accepted qualified, reliable, scientific methods and practices with the basic principle of medicine (primum non nocere) without compromising the ethical values; to ensure the reliable, accessible and uninterrupted healthcare to needers with a respectful and high level of service quality as so always prioritize the satisfaction of the applicant; to mediate for solving the health problems of people; and to meet health service providers with the service recipients.


Spa treatments and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a system that involves heat treatment, radiation and electrical treatments in hospitals, physiotherapy centers and thermals in patient or injured body structures.

Hydrotherapy and Exercises

Hydrotherapy is the use of the healing power of water for physiotherapy. The application of hydrotherapy goes back to the year 3000 to 2000 BC. Back. It can be applied to people of almost any age and condition.

Balneotherapy and Peloidotherapy

Peloid therapy is a treatment of organic and inorganic substances that arise from geological and biological events.


Thalassotherapy; It is a treatment system used for prevention and therapeutic and / or therapeutic purposes under medical supervision and supervision, using all the beneficial factors associated with the sea and its environment in combination with various methods ,

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