About Us


EuroMedicare is an international health tourism company, accepts to be fair and honest in all its relations as a basic principle and provides satisfaction in all services. Our company is centered in Istanbul and has many representatives in different countries of Europe, USA, Canada, and Arab Countries.

Our Mission (Why are we here?)

The reasons for our existence are; to serve the human happiness by internationally accepted qualified, reliable, scientific methods and practices with the basic principle of medicine (primum non nocere) without compromising the ethical values; to ensure the reliable, accessible and uninterrupted healthcare to needers with a respectful and high level of service quality as so always prioritize the satisfaction of the applicant; to mediate for solving the health problems of people; and to meet health service providers with the service recipients.

Our Vision (Our Values)

To be fair and honest in all our relations is our basic principle. Our company philosophy is based on respect for human beings. In every service we offer, we aim to ensure the satisfaction of the patient and patient relatives, to serve inappropriate economic conditions and to form a comprehensive model by targeting the highest quality level. In line with this purpose, we aim to present our services to the highest standards for the individual needs of our guests within their possibilities.

Customer Satisfaction

EuroMedicare aims to become a solution partner for healthcare recipients. We aim to meet all the health services needed by people who choose to receive services from our company by consulting any EuroMedicare representative. In this context, it is aimed to design the solutions in a way that prioritizes the health requirements of people during providing the service.

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