Privacy and Terms of Use

The internationally operating Euromedicare Healthcare Services Limited Liability Company (Euro EuroMedicare, Biz We veya or Bizim Our)) is committed to respecting your privacy: a person’s demographic, health, medical interests, health care information This privacy statement is a healthcare provider that uses the experience of EuroMedicarelAr to improve your expertise in meeting the needs of your patients, whether you are a consumer seeking health-related information or not. is designed to answer your privacy questions.


When you register as a site user or participate in our activities on our site, you will want to know how we will use the information you provide and how to protect it from unauthorized use or disclosure.


If you are a healthcare professional, you will want to know what measures we take to protect sensitive data that you may choose to share with us and how we use the information you provide about yourself and your professional services.


We encourage all users of our sites to read this Privacy Statement to learn more about the policies and practices we have developed to protect personal and health-related information and to better understand our relationships with third parties who may have access to such information.


I. Information We Collect
We have access to the following categories of information about you and your visits to our site. Only some of these categories of information identify you directly or indirectly; however, each category contains some information about your interests and activities that can be used to make inferences about you. The next section of this statement describes how EuroMedicare uses the information we collect.


Information You Provide Voluntarily
Register to the site.We have created this website so that you can visit us and review information about our services without identifying you or providing you with any personal identification information. If you sign up to use the features and services of the website, we will collect “personal credentials den from you. Personal credentials are information that can be used to contact you, such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. When this information is combined with any information about your health or medical condition (in accordance with applicable law), we call the information elde personal information about health ”. If you are a healthcare professional or an institutional healthcare provider, it is your responsibility to obtain your patient’s consent and consent to forward your patient’s personal health information to EuroMedicare via our websites. By providing such information, you acknowledge and agree that you have obtained your patient’s permission to do so.


Interactive Services. If you choose to participate in our interactive services, such as surveys and surveys, you may disclose health-related information and personal data that can be used to identify you or your family members. Providers who use our benchmarking services and care quality assessment may choose to disclose highly sensitive, personal data about their practices and patient information. We do not require or require you to disclose your personal credentials in these forums; however, we cannot prevent you from disclosing private information, except to warn you to be cautious about your statements.


Correspondence with EuroMedicare. You can use our site to ask questions about our products or report problems to health professionals who are commissioned by EuroMedicare to answer questions from consumers and healthcare professionals about the use of our products. If you contact EuroMedicare staff or request information from EuroMedicare staff, they will receive your e-mail address and any health and / or personal information you have attached to your e-mail. If you report an experience with a product, you may be asked for specific information such as patient initials, age, gender, and prescribing physician. T. C. Guidelines and regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, T.C. The Ministry of Health requires that we collect identifiable patient information in order to report to the relevant centers, commissions and units on the safety of our products.


Information routinely collected by our site technology:
Speak IP Address IP Address. When you visit our site, we record your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address. Without further information, your IP address will not reveal your identity; but it allows us to maintain communication with your computer while browsing our site.


Cookies. We also collect information about your use of our site through cookies and similar technologies. Erez Cookie özgün is a unique numerical code that we transmit to your computer to track your interests and preferences and to understand that you are a visitor who has visited our site before. Cookie technology allows the collection of “click” data that does not contain personal identity information but shows your activity on the site, including your interests in certain healthcare issues. A cookie does not collect or store your name or other personal identification information; it allows us to provide you with content and features that may be of most interest to you based on your previous activities on our site only when you visit our site.


Third Party Ads. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our websites. These companies may use information about your visits to this site and other websites (excluding your name, address, email or phone number) to measure the effectiveness of the ad and to provide advertisements for products and services that interest you.


II. How We Use Your Information
We use information about your use of products and services on our websites to track user traffic patterns and analyze what our users prefer to design better services for you. The personal identification and health-related personal information you provide can be used to create customized offers, information, and services.


Personal Identification Information. You do not need to sign up to use most of the information and services offered to customers on our websites. If you wish to sign up, we will use the personal credentials that you provide to us to send you an email confirming that you have registered on our site and to respond to questions from you. We may also send you emails with special promotions or newsletters that we think may be of interest to you from time to time.


Health related information. If you choose to participate in our interactive services, we will collect the information you have selected and analyze it to find new information that can help us better understand how our services have resulted in the fight against diseases.


We can offer interactive services such as surveys and health care management tools that ask you to provide health information about your patients if you are yourself, your family members, or if you are a healthcare provider. The information you disclose and provide in the interactive services may be linked to the personal identification information you may choose to provide on another part of our site to provide us with personal identification information about your health and health services (according to applicable law). We may combine your health information with other site users to generate summary data that we will use for the purposes of our activities, including our research to improve our services and analysis that can help us better market our products.


Product Reports. If you contact EuroMedicare to share your experience of using one of our products, please contact T.C. We may use this report when reporting to the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy and the related centers, commissions and units established within the body of the Ministry or other cases required by law. We may also use this information to contact the prescribing physician to follow up on an unexpected event involving the use of our product.


Speak IP Address IP Address. In addition to using your computer’s IP address to maintain communication while you browse the site, we may also use it to customize the content provided on the site. We store IP addresses with personal identification information.


Cookies. We use the data we collect through the use of cookies to customize your experience on the site by anticipating information and services that may interest you. We also analyze information gathered by cookie technology to monitor traffic in popular areas to improve the functionality of our site and to make changes to services and information to meet customer demands. We will link your personal credentials and health-related information that you choose to provide to the click-through data we obtain through cookies on another part of our site. We use the information we collect through cookies for business purposes, including the activities of our site, as well as research and product analysis to provide better service.


Law Applications. In certain limited circumstances, EuroMedicare may be invited to disclose your personal information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law or regulation. We plan to cooperate in responding to these demands by taking the necessary measures to ensure that the claimant understands the sensitivity of personal information about health that they may receive. We also reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement authorities to investigate and legal proceedings against users who violate our rules or that act illegally or on other websites.


III. Relations with Third Parties
We may use third parties to provide services and information on our site and may provide some co-branded services in cooperation with others. EuroMedicare will not disclose your personal identification or health-related personal information to anyone other than EuroMedicare employees, group companies at home and abroad and these third parties with whom we have business relationships. EuroMedicare will not authorize a third-party contractor to access or use this information for any purpose that is inconsistent with this Statement.


We undertake that we will not sell or disclose any personal identification or health-related personal information you provide on our site to third parties without your express permission, except in the following cases.


Cookies. We do not allow other sites or third parties to use our cookies for their own purposes or to place their own cookies on your computer when you access the services through our site.


Sellers and Suppliers. We engage with different vendors and suppliers located in Turkey and abroad to help us design and maintain our systems and computer security, respond to email and customer inquiries, analyze our data, and create special promotions. We will not allow our vendors and suppliers to use our personally identifiable information for purposes not related to EuroMedicare’s activities.


Co-Branded Sites. We may partner with other companies located in Turkey and abroad to provide you with content or services as partners or ortak co-branded.. On a co-branded site, both the EuroMedicare logo and the logo of the co-branded site appear on your screen. You may need to fill out a new online registration form to access the services on the co-branded site and this registration information may be shared with EuroMedicare’s co-branded partners. As our brand partners ‘privacy policies may differ from ours in some respects, you should read our brand partners’ privacy policies. Reading these policies will help you make an informed decision about giving your information to a particular site. Remember, you can opt out of sharing your information with a partner site by choosing not to use the service or content provided by the co-branded site at any time.


Other Important Information Regarding Our Relations with Third Parties
Links to Other Sites. We also provide links to websites that you find useful and informative; however, we do not endorse or recommend the content or services of these sites, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices on these other sites. We encourage you to know and read the privacy policy or statement of each site you visit. Please note that this Privacy Statement applies only to information collected by EuroMedicare.


Advertisers. We do not allow advertisers to run their ads on our site, and we will not allow advertiser third parties to use cookies to collect information from users on our site.


IV. Our Children Policy
EuroMedicare’s website and services are intended for adult users over the age of 13. Our sites are not designed to attract the attention of children. If we find out that an individual under the age of 13 is willing to provide personal or health information on our site or that a provider voluntarily provides information about a patient identified as under 13, we will delete this information from our active databases in accordance with our deletion policy described in your Privacy Choices section.


V. Your Privacy Choices
When you access any interactive tool or service from an EuroMedicare website, you will be asked if you have opted-in (“opt-in onayla). You can always choose not to provide the requested information.
Receiving Email. When you register on our site, you will be given the option to request emails containing information you may find useful, such as promotions, announcements of new services and products, and newsletters on specific health issues. If you decide at any time that you do not wish to receive these emails at any time, you can unsubscribe from this mailing list.


Accepting Cookies. Your browser software may be set to reject all cookies; but if you refuse all cookies, some of the functions and conveniences of our site may not work properly. Cookies and similar technologies are tools that enable us to receive and provide information to you instantly when you use our site.


Correcting / Updating Personal Information. You may request that any personal and / or health-related personal information you provide to the Site be corrected or updated at any time by sending an e-mail to
Deleting Personal Information. You can request deletion of personal and / or health-related personal information you have previously provided by sending an e-mail to Please read our deletion policy below.


* Delete Policy. The information you provide to EuroMedicare is stored on servers operated and maintained by EuroMedicare and third parties contracted with EuroMedicare. Website users should be aware that it is not technologically possible to remove every record they give to EuroMedicare from the servers. The need to back up our systems to protect information from accidental loss means that a copy of information about you or your health interests may be stored in an indelible format that we may not be able to locate. However, upon receipt of your request, we undertake that all personal and / or health-related personal information stored by EuroMedicare in databases that are actively used for research and daily work or in easily searchable environments will be deleted. We will also make all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that no personal information, if any, stored in an indelible format is disclosed after we receive your request to delete the information, except as required by law.


EuroMedicare bir tüketicinin, EuroMedicare’e bir sağlık profesyoneli veya bir tüketici tarafından bir advers olayla ilgili olarak verilen bilgilerin değiştirilmesi veya silinmesi talebine uymayabilir.


Contact EuroMedicare by e-mail. On our website, consumers and providers can contact our staff for more information about our products and services. We also offer interactive tools that enable consumers and healthcare professionals to send customized email requests for information about patients and treatments. Pay attention to the privacy limits of these e-mail communications. We will not disclose personally identifiable information we receive by email; however, all e-mail transmissions are susceptible to unauthorized use. In addition, please note that emails sent and received via an employer’s computer or computer system are not confidential and may be deemed to be the employer’s legal property.


VI. Security Measures
We want you and your patients’ personal information to be reasonably safe as possible. Our success in improving our products and services depends on whether you or your patient wishes to share information about yourself or your patient’s personal health and health care with EuroMedicare.


Data security. We use encryption practices to help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of some personal and health-related personal information you provide to us. As an additional security measure, all personal and / or health-related personal information is physically stored behind firewalls that prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. While we will make reasonable efforts to protect personal and / or health-related personal information from loss, misuse or alteration by third parties, you should always remember that there is always the risk of an unauthorized party interfering with an internet transmission or compromising our security systems.


VII. Changes to our Privacy Statement
We will only use personal information as described in the Privacy Statement, which was in effect at the time the information was received from you. However, we reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Statement at any time by posting revisions on our site. If at any point we decide to use personal identification or personal health information in a manner different from when it was collected, we will notify users with an email address by email. You will be given the option to “approve anda at the relevant time for additional use or disclosure of any personal identification information or personal health information you have given us prior to the change in our statement.


This Privacy Statement does not cover third-party websites or information that service providers may receive from you in connection with them. EuroMedicare, personal data found in global databases is accessible worldwide by authorized EuroMedicare staff. All data transfers between EuroMedicare and the group companies are made in accordance with applicable legal obligations and Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).