EuroMedicare Preliminary Offer and Request Form

Why EuroMedicare?

EuroMedicare does your advocacy on every aspect of your health. With specialist physicians, we will find out what is the most appropriate treatment for you and with you, decide where the appropriate treatment can be reliably, quickly and economically done.

First of all, the tests and laboratory results that you have previously made are evaluated by EuroMedicare doctors. Together with you, the hospital or health center is determined according to your expectations and budget. EuroMedicare organizes your doctor appointment.

Your transportation to the hospital is provided by the EuroMedicare. Our doctors will help you with your clinical record and treatment. Throughout your treatment and during the healing process, our specialist doctors provide information on everything you need. Your checkup appointments are followed by EuroMedicare.


Logistics Services

Free health consultation (pre-evaluation of patients) is done by EuroMedicare ...

How do we serve you?

Your previously performed test and laboratory results are evaluated by EuroMedicare doctors. Together with you, the mo...

Interpreting Services

EuroMedicare will be providing the interpretation service during yo...

Airport Transfer and Flight Tickets

From the moment you decide to be treated, our team will plan your trip wi...

City Tours

While being treated, you can see the historical and natural beauties an...

Visa Processes

Visa applications to be made for tourist or commercial purposes can be carried out vi ...

Accommodation Services

From the moment you decide to be treated in Turkey, the city tours or entertain ...


Spa treatments and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a system that involves heat treatment, radiation and electrical treatments in hospitals, physiotherapy centers and thermals in patient or injured body structures.

Hydrotherapy and Exercises

Hydrotherapy is the use of the healing power of water for physiotherapy. The application of hydrotherapy goes back to the year 3000 to 2000 BC. Back. It can be applied to people of almost any age and condition.

Balneotherapy and Peloidotherapy

Peloid therapy is a treatment of organic and inorganic substances that arise from geological and biological events.


Thalassotherapy; It is a treatment system used for prevention and therapeutic and / or therapeutic purposes under medical supervision and supervision, using all the beneficial factors associated with the sea and its environment in combination with various methods ,

EuroMedicare Preliminary Offer and Request Form